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Recovery Support

Coastal Prep relies on the experiences, resources and credentials of Cape Assist to provide the treatment and support services that are so necessary for adolescents in recovery.

Cape Assist has been dedicated to preventing and treating substance abuse, and its related issues, in Cape May County for more than 35 years. As a key partner in the state grant that led to the formation of Coastal Prep, Cape Assist contributes its expertise in education, advocacy, counseling and community collaboration.

  • Support groups and individual coaching sessions are part of the Coastal Prep school day.
  • On- and off-site coaching is available, along with referrals for counseling services.
  • Students will be provided with individual recovery support.
  • We plan off-site educational experiences like paddle-boarding and volunteer opportunities to meet the tenets of a 12 Step philosophy and to begin the transition to typical, post-recovery life.
  • Family support options are part of the Coastal Prep relationship.

The staff at Cape Assist has a wide variety of skills and specialties ranging from prevention education to inpatient treatment for substance use disorders.  Staff credentials include licensed professional counselors (LPC) and licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselors (LCADC) along with peer mentors who have been trained to use their own experiences to help youth reach their potential in their own recovery. Coastal Prep’s mission is to inspire, encourage, and motivate youth to make the changes necessary to achieve the outcomes they desire, and most importantly, for living the lives they deserve.

As they emerge from intense treatment for substance abuse, adolescents face the stark realities of responsibility and accountability. They learn new patterns of social interaction. Coastal Prep’s supportive environment addresses those challenges.

At least one recovery-focused session will be part of every school day. Skilled advisors will work with students on setting goals, learning life skills, and meditation.

Cape Assist - Preventing and Treating Substance Abuse

Mission Statement

Cape Assist is dedicated to preventing and treating substance abuse and related issues in Cape May County through education, advocacy, counseling and community collaboration.