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Students gathered just before Thanksgiving Day for a meal with their fellow students and teachers.

A cupcake turkey for the Coastal Prep dinner

A cupcake turkey for the Coastal Prep dinner

Cape May Court House, NJ –  Teachers and staff at Coastal Preparatory High School in Cape May Court House showed how thankful they were for their students’ continuous hard work and dedication so far this year by preparing a holiday feast just in time for Thanksgiving, where they also provided gifts courtesy of the Greater Wildwood Elks Lodge #1896 and the Greg DiAntonio Memorial Fund.

The Coastal Prep staff and teachers cooked up a full holiday spread, from turkey to stuffing and all the Thanksgiving favorites in between. “We wanted to do something really special for them this year to remind them that we will support them as they grow and so will the people in our community,” said Anna Canella, Coastal Prep Transition Coordinator. “We really thrive off fostering this sense of connectedness. It helps our students stand strong and get better at living healthier lives, while they become more empathetic members of the community.”

Thanks to the help of local community foundations, the students received donations to spread the holiday thankfulness this year. The Elks Lodge #1896 helped provide meal baskets that had full Thanksgiving dinners to bring home to their families for the holiday. With these baskets, students could show their thanks to their families and contribute to the Thanksgiving festivities.

Another longtime supporter of Coastal Prep, the Greg DiAntonio Memorial Fund, also donated for the holidays, providing the means to give Shoprite gift cards to students and money to go toward their holiday feast on Nov. 21. Named in honor of their son, Kreni and Pat DiAntonio raise funds annually to help support youth struggling with substance misuse and through the difficult rehabilitation process.

Coastal Prep High School is one of only three recovery high schools in the state. A partnership between Middle Township School District (MTSD) and Cape Assist, the school ensures that students recovering from substance misuse can also stay on track academically, thanks to special support. Their focus is on prevention as well as recovery.

“Coastal Prep’s goals go hand in hand with ours: to show young people that there is a path forward full of hope and life,” said Katie Faldetta, Cape Assist CEO and Executive Director. “We hope this kindness inspires them in turn to bring compassion to others in need.”

“We appreciate and greatly value what these students are getting from Coastal Prep,” said Dr. Toni Lehman, MTSD Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. “They get the chance to stay on top of their studies, get the help they need and learn from likeminded individuals in the wider community.”

To learn more visit www.coastalprephighschool.com, www.capeassist.org and www.gregdiantoniomemorial.com.

The table is decorated for the Coastal Prep Thanksgiving Dinner along with cards and donations for the students.

The table is decorated for the Coastal Prep Thanksgiving Dinner along with cards and donations for the students.